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Wholesale travel - Discount Travel Prices

Why pay for retail vacations when you can buy wholesale travel?  

Our discount travel prices don't feel like discount travel prices at all.

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Wholesale travel - Discount Travel Prices

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Have you seen the "YOU SHOULD BE HERE" sign?   This sign is displayed by representatives  and/or members around the world to promote the fun and/or financial freedom they have earned through sharing memberships with friends and family.   You can check out the fun they have been having  here.  Are you ready to think outside of the box?

Let's start by putting your bucket list in writing.  Click here  for a bucket list template and let's commit to our dreams and build the steps to accomplishing them together.  I am a bucket list coach with 16 years of experience rising people's dreams to their reality.  I hope you will allow me to be your guide and mentor.  I look forward to providing you with discount travel prices and cheap vacation packages.


Our philanthropic Foundation, has been praised in the Oprah "O" Magazine for their humanitarian efforts and non-profit achievements. Nancy Lieberman, famous basketball achiever, has teamed with our foundation and the youth oriented DreamCourts initiative along with the Boys and Girls Club of America.  We  couldn't be more proud of our charity work!

In 2010 Ernst & Young weighed in on our travel company by nominating  us for the Regional Entrepreneur of the Year.  

My top five bucket list items:

1.  Visit Greece (Mama Mia isles)

2.  Take family to England to meet relatives.

3.  Take cooking class in Italy.

4.  See all 50 states.

5.  Have enough money to leave a $100 tip.

Wholesale travel - Discount Travel Prices

I am a Bucket List Coach!  Yes, that's right, your bucket list is my priority.  And if your list includes travel, as a travel representative, I can work with you to identify and check items off your bucket list:  from travel to experiences, to financial freedom  A one-stop shop!  I combine the power of the Internet with time-tested strength of word-of-mouth marketing.   Most importantly, I can connect you to the least expensive leisure travel company that markets wholesale travel memberships.  

Wholesale travel - Discount Travel Prices